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Friday, March 13, 2009

"Cover up With Make-up in the Mirror..."

A few months ago when I found out that out lesbian rapper Melange Lavonne was looking for the right director/producers of her next music video, I instantly thought of the perfect group of people for her to partner with. I put her in touch with the only lesbian-run independent film production company (and the people that brought us "Itty Bitty Titty Committee"), POWER UP. Months of hard work have paid off and they've just released a really cool video for Melange's song "Domestic Abuse." It's definitely going to get people talking, just like her video from 2007 "Gay Bash," which was one of the most played videos on LOGO in 07 and 08. Oh and just in case you're wondering, this song was recorded and the video filmed before the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident:

If you're in a violent relationship with a woman and you need help (which, you DO), visit If you're in a violent relationship with a man and need help (which, you DO), visit

Leave a comment here and let Melange and POWER UP know what you thought of the song/vid!

UPDATE: It was just announced that Melange has won the online vote to perform at the new event "Dinah Idol" in Palm Springs this year. Very cool...

To watch the video for "Gay Bash," click here.

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Tiffanie said...

That was a great video and an even greater message!