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Friday, March 13, 2009

Step Right Up Folks and "Get" Your Gay Crush! fortified with extra B-vitamins!

As you know, no matter how cuh-ray-zee Tyra acts, and no matter how cuh-ray-zee she will undoubtably get in the future, I will always...and I mean ALWAYS...*heart* her for this moment on her show 2 years ago with my wife, Katharine Mcphee:


And while some critics say she's not even close to being the "next Oprah..."

(altered pic courtesy of The Finer Dandy blog)

...I say halt! Let's take a closer look, shall we? From her smiling with your eyes tutorial on America's Next Top Model, to her "fat suit" experiment, to her fascination with just about EVERYTHING mundane, I think she's definitely walking in the big O's $2,000 footsteps (each). And with her episode on Tuesday, I'd have to say she's just taken one small step for Tyra, one giant leap for Oprah-likeness.

This past Tuesday, Tyra had a show called "Straight Girl Gay Crush." I didn't see it, but the quick promo is enough to make me wanna watch the whole thing on her site. Tyra has a LOT more gay people around her on a daily basis than Oprah, I'm sure. But I still get the same entertainment out of her fascination with gay folks, as I do with the big O's.

This promo just loops annoyingly....but catch the first 30 seconds of it. It looks interesting!

Oh and also, I love this picture:

Oh, Tyra. What would I do without you in my life?

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