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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Eat Your Scantily Clad Sorta Lesbian Make-Out Partner in Public Veggies!

I'm not sure if this will make anyone want to become a vegetarian (especially the dudes drooling over it and taking pictures?), but uh, it certainly might sway some girls into become VAGetarians, that's for sure:

(Thanks to my good friend, resident straight-girl-with-a-bi-brain Shastina for finding this for us!)

PETA scares me most of the time, but Pink digs it, so it can't be ALL bad. I guess its just those extremists who do crazy things like throw fake blood on fur and burn down buildings, etc. I've just always had a bit of a thing against it, even though I know their overall message is AWESOME.

If you're a member of PETA, please leave a comment and let me know some more about the organization. I feel like it's my lesbian duty to be a supporter. Although I don't think I could EVER be a vegetarian. My favorite foods are mexican and italian, and I was raised on food cooked by Mississippians and Texans...YOU do the math.


Bek said...

I am an existing member of PETA. They present the truth most all of the time but still it seems like they keep getting more and more extreme with their protests and its kind of turning me off of them.

Although...they did a good deed with that video. Thanks for that.

nina. said...

yes to PETA.
here's another reason why:

Perugga said...

There was an interesting post on this topic on afterellen a few weeks ago. I thought the author had a point. Check it out here:

angryblkfeminist said...

It's a shame that PETA is using some campaign (with NO data shared, mind you) to exploit women. Watching some scantily clad women making out (barely) in underwear for men to oggle at (i'm 100% sure they're not going to Go Veg) disgusts me. The sexism is UGH. I'm goin to go vomit now.