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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Portia Apologizes for Getting Married to Ellen

Of course not reeeeally. But she totally did.

Confused? Watch this recent appearance that Portia made on Kimmel to promote her new TV show Better Off Ted. Gotta see the whole thing to know what Willis is talkin' bout:

Has anyone seen Better Fff Ted? I've been a bit TV deprived I haven't had a chance to check it out. What's the verdict on the show and on Portia's role/acting in it?

Also I'd like to get this out of my system: PORTIA'S EFFIN' HOT! OH MY GOD.

...and if they don't make an Arrested Development movie soon and with LOTS of Portia, I don't know what I will do with myself!!


K, I'm cool now. Thank you.


Mish said...

Better Off Ted is an amazing show!! The cast is great. Of course, Portia is HOThotHOT. It's really funny too. I love it!!!

Mia said...

i agree with Mish, Better off Ted is absolutely hilarious! very witty and smart, and fresh like she was talking about. :) and thanks for giving us 3 posts today!

missdewi said...

i love her PSA it's so funny but i'm sad for the little dog..

i haven't seen the show either.. i just might tivo it

Anonymous said...

better off ted is sooo boring

moondog said...

i haven't seen the show, but i will say that i am disappointed that i could not be the one who gets to have sex with portia every night :( i was never a big fan of ellen, but god DAMN she's one lucky lady!