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Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Favorite Video of the Week

One of the few cool things about being raised in a religious cult--besides that wicked cool permanent farmer tan--is that I was able to read the Bible a few times front to back. I don't believe in God and think the Bible is just a wonderfully written book. But I DO respect people--the majority of you reading this, I'd imagine--who do believe in it all, and love talking about it and staying open-minded. I'm happy to have studied the Bible. Gives me some knowledge so that I can make an informed criticism of it, instead of blindly going around saying I don't believe this or that.

I'd absolutely LOVE to get into a meaty discussion about religion/God/other on here where we can talk more about this "cult" I was raised in, how you were raised, all of our beliefs, etc. Perhaps another blog post or in the comments?

But for now, I say all this to point out the fact that this video is made 10x better because of the knowledge I have of the Bible's content. It's ridiculously hilarious and clever. Check the technique:

Thanks Sam aka LadyDisaster for introducing me to this vid!

(More on her soon!)


aimeetoons said...

that was FAB-U-LOUS!!!
*a pack of raped whoooores!* lmao!

Anonymous said...

very nice :):):)

Edilma said...

LOL! Amazing

Adri said...

Love it Arlan. Fantastic.

Sara said...

If you liked that video check this one out:

Prop 8 supporters are next on the chopping block.