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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Quick Video Update:

I just posted this on facebook. If you haven't already added me as a friend there, you can find me at!


Anonymous said...

hello arlen. I have been keeping up with your blog, myspace, facebook, and now twitter for years and have always loved and adored you but i have to let you know i think your twitter habits have lost control. where is our beloved arlen and her blog??? i get tweets constantly but your much more witty blogs are rarely to be found. I miss the days of boobs and porn, fun and excitment. It seems as if you have been lost in a world of tweet :(

arlan said...

Hey there...well I havent been lost in the world of tweet. But I do agree that I haven't posted nearly as much as I should/used to. And when I do post, theyre not as detailed as they used to. Plus there's some major boob action missing.

I agree with all of this.

I've been going through some personal things for the past few months...and so its not as easy to update the blog as it was the first 2 years of it.

The good news is, I do have some major plans to rectify this in the near future. If you guys are patient, you shall be rewarded with boobs and lesbian hotness as far as the eye can see...later this year:-)

Also...why *anonymous*? Show us ta (tits) face! :-D

Candy Sugars said...

Arlan - what an awesome video, I smiled the whole way through watching you. :)
I'm curious, does anyone actually ever send you any flesh on flesh web cam footage????