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Monday, August 10, 2009

If That's Your Girlfriend, She Wasn't Last Night.

(Persia White)

(Chrisette Michele)

If I ever had a chance to holler at my girl Persia White (Lynn on the tv show GIRLFRIENDS), this is EXACTLY how I'd do it:

Chrisette Michele is my new music obsession. If you liked her voice in that clip, you absolutely HAVE to check out this live performance of her song "Blame it on Me" from VH1's Soulstage--> *click*. She even got the lesbian haircut and everything just for me us.

I'm excited as hell about the solo album Persia White's just finished. I will be first in line! Here she is discussing it a couple of weeks ago: case you were wondering, it is more than appropriate to want to lick your screen at this point. You can get a taste of Persia's style by watching this vid--> *click*. You can get a taste for her lovemaking style by visiting my dreams on Sunday nights (since there's ALWAYS a Girlfriends marathon on WE television on Sundays. Yep, mmhmm!)


Anonymous said...

very regina spektor-esque. I like it.

Diana said...

i'm gonna have to go back thru my myspace blogs, but i think that chrisette michele had a concert at a club here in houston about a year or so ago, and i had the pleasure and responsibility of keeping the spot light on her the whole time.

Lucyfer Jade said...

I'll be second in line behind you Arlan. I <3 Tay Tay.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so I've had a crush on Persia White for a good 5 years now. Her band XEO3 has this song called 'Marry Me'....Persia, the answer is yes.