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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taylor Swift Likes to Dress in Drag and Wants to Kiss a Girl. Arlan Rejoices.

Kinda, sorta.

I mean, it's true, she looked VERY comfortable in this KISS gear at a recent show when she "pranked" Keith Urban. She and the rest of her band jumped on stage during his song "Kiss a Girl" and rocked out. But I'm not ready to call it JUST yet with this one. I think in her case, she's married to her music/career. Now kids, you can watch all of this video, or you can do what Teacher (that's me. I'm gonna start calling myself "Teacher" when I address you all as "kids"...just cause) did on the second viewing and just skip to around 1:15mins to hear what I've been waiting to hear from Taylor for a year now:

I dig Taylor's music, and lord knows I've cranked up that Romeo song like it was 1999 on several occasions, but I gotta admit the appeal for me--and this is strange for me--is the good girl vibe she has going on. I've heard from a couple of close friends of hers that its EXTREMELY genuine, so even better!

Now until the day Tay-Tay (that's what I call her, see) calls me up and asks me to go on tour with her as her like...I dont know...nanny or life coach or and I will have to cope with just being able to follow her on ye olde Twitter like everyone else-->

Just an observation: Kellie Pickler is one of her best friends. I credit Pickler for bringing out my wife Katharine Mcphee's gay. Mayhaps she can do the same for Tay-Tay?

P.S. If Tay-Tay does go gay-gay, and decides to not do so with me, I hope THIS happens instead:

One can dream, can't one??


Sarah said...

What's really cool is that the girl I'm crushing on (and knows it) kind of looks like Tay-Tay. <333

Jess said...

Taylor Swift is somebody who I haven't really paid much attention to until I was at a gay friend's house about a week ago and they put on one of her songs. It has been stuck in my head ever since. And wow is she beautiful. Your entry brought a new found love for Taylor Swift to my life. hahaha

Celina said...

I don't really like Taylor's music but I do find her to be very cute. Oh and Arlan a couple years ago on some livejournal comments I read that Taylor's female fiddle player had been fired for "Downing some Swift" if you catch my drift. They also said she was a real pillow queen. I don't know if this raises your hopes or not. Plus I totally root for Rihanna and Taylor Swift as a couple.