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Sunday, August 09, 2009

This Is Worth It's Own Post...

Ladies and some gentlemen, I just received this as a comment to my last post. Please prepare yourselves. Move closer to the screen. Have a friend pop some popcorn. Exercise your stomach area muscles and smile. It's about to get weird(er) up in here:

I won't tell you the name this person used to leave this comment. But it was one word, one syllable, and it was the name of a feisty animal:

I am looking for a female to have a child for one of two outcomes. If it is a male child the prospect would be considered a surrogate and if it is a female I would be considered a sperm donor. I am only interested in this type of proposal and contract. If male the prospect would give up all RIGHTS and responsibilities and if a female child I would give up all rights and RESPONSABILITIES. This would be good for any person without funds or a lesbian couple looking for a child. I will not pay any money so don't ask.

Contact me for more details.

I am in no hurry.

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite part was. My favorite part was *ALL OF IT*....oh and also "so don't ask." I particularly liked that part after reading what proceeded it. Even though you are dead serious Mr. poster man, thank you for brightening up my day with this nonsense.

P.S. He left no way to contact him for more details. Hmph!


Anonymous said...

Wow that is all I really can say to this. Who in there right mind could even write that!

Made me laugh though how stupid he sounded!

Anonymous said...

I hope to God that the person who wrote this never ever has children... he sounds like a sicko.


Lori said...

I'm kind of a fan of all of it as well, the hilarity of it at any rate. But I think my favorite is the way in which he decided to ALL CAPS the words RIGHTS and RESPONSABILITIES. Please note: he also misspelled responsibility the second time, which to me accentuated on "abilities." But he wanted to make sure you knew he was not so worried about the rights of a female child anyway. Douchebagary.

Anonymous said...

so what i get out of it is, for whatever reason, he is really only interested in parenting a male child. if it's female, whoever is birthing it, gets to keep it. hmmm. would work with a woman or couple who only wanted a female child for whatever reason. just strange this is posted as a comment and not placed in some kind of group or chat where appropriate.

Anonymous said...

although I literally LOLed on this one......... it makes me wonder

1) how old is this doucher?
2) why can't he find someone willing to have his male child on their own instead of it being stated like this?
3) SERIOUSLY?? what the hell is this world coming to?

he deserves a swift kick in the ass thats for sure