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Sunday, August 09, 2009

I've Been Dying To Poke Your Face (...and Other Places On Your Body)

You know I hear that Perez Hilton is getting his own record label imprint. That's cool. I wish him the best, and I hope people stop punching him in his eye area. But I think I am much more qualified to have a label! Case in point? My good friend Amy Kuney. I've been telling you guys 'bout Amy for decades. Deck-aids!

And while she's normally a soft-spoken young lass with a heart o' gold and voice of an angel (an angel who sounds remarkably like Fiona Apple on some chill pills), Friday Amy revealed another side to herself. A side I've seen, only behind closed doors. And surprisingly enough, I am NOT referring to her 'naked side'. Nuh-uh. I'm talkin 'bout her silly, hilarious, witty, ricockulous side. This one's good for at least 5 views per person this week, and I've already used up my 5 views in 48 hours.

Pass it on to your friends!

...and other places on your body. hee.

Show Amy some love in these easy to reach areas:

Here she is doing her real original thing with the song "All Downhill" (featured on 'One Tree Hill')

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