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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Can We Talk? (aka The 'I'm Dying To Know How YOU're Doing' Post)

Greetings, loyal (and sexy) YDLM readers:-)

I was taking a look at my blog and my facebook and myspace this morning, and I realized how much I miss the day-to-day interactions with you guys. I used to do video chats at least once a week and those were so much fun. Back when Myspace was a place you could actually navigate, we'd have all sorts of random bulletin/blog/profile comments fun, wouldnt we?

You guys still email me and write to me on facebook and comment here and I feel like I know what some of you have been up to the past year. But I want to hear from ALL of you:-) So leave a comment or send me a private facebook/dailyarlan message and catch me up!

Between the work I'm doing with booking and preparing for Terra's tour (I'm tour managing Terra Naomi's tour for the next few months...get more details on the sidebar!), I will be reading your comments, checking out your facebook and myspace pages, and in some cases, drooling over your pictures;-)

Share with the class! Oh and when you tell me what you've been up to, please try to include your first name, age and location so I can get a snapshot of who you are:-)


Zo said...

I love the postcard but what does motorboat mena? Is it an american thing because I'm English and I've never heard of it! Please enlighten me xxx

arlan said...

It's a beautiful thing, Zo. It's when you casually and politely place your face between a ladies' breasticals, and shake your head back and forth in the "no"'re face is saying no...but everything else is saying "yes." :-)

Brooke said...

haha arlan! I love ur definition of motorboating. I should post that to uraban dictionary :P

Zo said...

Aha! Mystery solved! Tis a wonderful thing (could someone have come up with a better name for it though!? Motorboating? WTF!) xxxx Zo

Your lesbian Fix..M.G said...

hiya arlan..ive followed your blog forever and youve inspired me to start my own blog yay.its samll and simple but its alota fun.