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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ask Arlan...

Earlier today, Michelle Branch asked her twitter followers to send her questions, and she'd answer 10 of them. I know that I am not Michelle Branch (although we are often times mistaken for each other at the airport) but I was inspired by this. So I asked my facebook peeps to send in some questions, and told them I'd answer honestly. I've enjoyed this SO much are some highlights so far:

A submission from Twitter: Question: @Sharo9 "ur type of girl"? :D

My answer: Sharp sense of humor, unselfish, clever, feminine, kind, silly & Physically:

Stella asked: "r u sexually attracted to me? "

My answer: YES.

Sara asked:
"Why are women so afraid of commitment When they know you're the very best?"

My answer: I don't know if humans were made for monogamy. I wonder about that almost every day. OR maybe its just a woman's natural instinct to run from something that'll make them truly happy, because then they'll have no chaos to keep them occupied.

Sarah asked:
"When are you coming to Phoenix?"

My answer: I was in Phoenix on Oct 19th I believe. I liked it. I'd love to come back within the next 3 months.

C. asked: "I just got a call from Suicide girls...any advice?"

My answer: Ive worked with them in the past as an interviewer (Otep, Missy Higgins, Girl in a Coma, Lola Ray). The experience I had working with them was awesome. I've heard the old rumors of them not treating people who model for them as well as they could...although I think any of those problems have been squashed.

I'd have to know more about why they called you, and your situation to have a better answer for you:-)

Valerie asked:
"in your opinion, what part of the country has the most/least attractive lesbians? honest."

My answer:
Well I haven't been EVERYwhere...and beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but I said I'd be honest. So...I think I've seen the least attractive lesbians in...lets see...maybe Memphis? And the most attractive, hands down: Los Angeles. But this is all about MY type, hope I didnt hurt any feelings. Also, if you live in Memphis and would like to prove me wrong, please do! haha

Monica asked:
"Who is the most famous person you have ever met?"

My answer:
I'm not sure who would be considered the "most" famous. Maybe Janet Jackson? I met her in Germany a few years ago. I've met Pink and Roseanne, Paris Hilton (haha) and Missy Higgins...L Word peeps...I guess it all depends on who you consider to be more famous.

anonymous asked:
"what would you do if you were in love with someone 20 years older than you (and some extra info I wont reveal here to protect his/her identity)?? Because I'm having a tough time finding an answer!!"

My answer:
Well you asked what I would do...and personally, I would always keep that person in my heart, but I would ultimately have to move on to someone who was within 7 or so years of my age. I'm 29, and I think the only woman who is 20+ years older than me that I'd truly date is Ellen. But she won't have me:-) So other than that, I'd want to be with someone who could share the same life experiences with me at the same time. ...

Things may be great now...cause sex can be a powerful thing. 25 and 45 could be hot now, but what happens when you're 40 and she's 60? It's different.

Again, I know there are lots of people who would disagree with me. I've had this conversation with many of my friends before who have disagreed. But this is my honest opinion as of today:-)

Tashia asked:
"What song has been in your head all day?"

My answer:
Most definitely "Use Somebody" ...both the Kings of Leon version and the Paramore version. Also "Sweet Dream" by Beyonce. Both have been in my head for about a month.

Lacey asked:
"What was your worst sexual experience ever? best?"

My answer:
O-M-G. haha...well, I will answer the "best" question. Thankfully I've had a lot of good and great sex so my answer could change tomorrow if you asked. But the one I'm thinking about right now is with an ex-girlfriend. I wont go into detail, but she was very experimental and free...a free spirit, if you will:-) She understood what turned me on mentally, and was pretty wild physically. I think this particular time lasted 17 hours all tolled. Yep.

Did it just get hot in here all of a sudden? Next question...haha

Brittany asked:
"How old were you when you came out?"

My answer:
I was 16 when I came out to most of the important people in my life...but it wasnt until I was in my mid 20s that I was able to come out to my brother. Wish I had done it sooner!

anonymous asked:
"my dad kicked me out...because he doesnt agree with me bein gay! He thinks i choose to be gay... I want to build my relationship with my father but it isnt workin... What do i do? What can i do? He is the ONLY parent that i have left!"

My answer:
Kris, Im really glad you asked me this. I dont think I'm equiped to give you the best answer possible, so I want you to get in touch with my friends at The Trevor Project. They'll be able to help you much better than I could!
You can call them or write to soon as you wanted.

Carolyn asked:
"Isn't my son the cutest kid ever? feel free to lie :)"

My answer:
Yes, besides my 5 nieces and nephews who are truly the cutest human beings on this earth, your son is the cutest kid ever:-)

C. asked:
"i absolutely do not understand why lesbians hit their partners, or why their partners make excuses 4 that behavior. Do u have a resource that u reccomend (maybe a website) that could shed light on that subject & give advise that concerned friends could follow? This is the second friend now 2 confide in me & i have no idea what 2 say but 2 tell them 2 run & dont look back..."

My answer:
I don't know why either...I dont think we'll ever really know *why* things like this happen. Last year, I introduced lesbian rapper Melange Lavonne to the producers at Power UP, and they created an amazing video about this subject. You can see it here:

And here's a great list of organizations that can help...few and far between, but they DO exist:

Fiona asked:
"Are you going to come to Adelaide? Want to go out for a drink if you do?"

My answer:
When I was a senior in high school, I visited Adelaide a couple of times for a few weeks each. I loooved it there! Would love to come back one day. Shooting for 2010. And if I do, i would absolutely LOVE to have a drink with you. Absolutely.

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