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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cause There's Tape on Her Boobs, and I Ain't Mad at Her.

(Sam Vitez of Rough Duchess -

I've been keeping a pretty tight secret for a while now, and I am ready to unveil it right here, right now. You may want to sit down and brace yourself (and open your legs, if you feel so inclined) because this one's a doozy: I...Arlan Mcphee-Shelley-Stone (think about it), really like girls from England, the English accent, English girls with boobs, and English girls who have tape on their boobs.

So when I found out that my (pretty safe to say 'queer') friend Sam Vitez was not only an English girl in possession of boobs, but also had lots of tape in various colors (or colours) hanging around her house, a camera, and an electronic/dancey group, I had to find out more. Sure, I could have just called her up and said, "Hey Sam, what's this about having a group called 'Rough Duchess' and playing all over LA half naked?" But no, that would be the cowards way out. So I set out on a journey of enlightenment. A journey of self-discovery. A have an excuse to see Sam's boobs barely covered with tape and a prayer. Oh, and did I mention, she bounces around on stage when she wears said "outfit??"

Here's a little vid Sam did to promote a show this summer back when the group's name was "Lady Disaster," and when Sam had lots more hair than she does now;-)

If you still wonder what my deal with English birds and their accents is, you're speaking crazy talk!

Rough Duchess has just released their first album on itunes! Search for it, mothereffers.

"Under My Skin"

"Inside Plan"

I'm pretty sure if you attempted to dry hump Rough Duchess on Facebook at, they wouldn't stop you!

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Leo Graphics said...

I Luv Sam... :)