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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Reasons 'Flash Forward' Shouldn't Be Cancelled (Even Tho I've Never Watched It)

Reason #1: Gabrielle Union and John Cho, ya know...doin it.

and reason #2: A chef and an CIA agent, both women, who, you it. These vids on youtube have embedding turned off for some reason, so click here<--- to see the ladies at dinner talking and smoochin, and here<--- for more good clean lesbian fun.

A few days ago, I sat next to Gabrielle Union for about 3 hours in a small room, and DIDN't yell out "You better bring it!" or "I said!'s cold in here...there must be some Clovers in da atmosphere!" And I made absolutely NO reference to basketball (or love, for that matter) of any kind. I would just like to say that it took all fibers of my being to not do any of those things, and I would like to take a bow.

I am now bowing, in my bedroom, in front of no one.

Holler if ya hear me.

That is all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you're a stronger woman than me. i woulda politely tapped ms. union on the shoulder before saying "you've been touched by an angel girl!"