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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Today the electricity in my neighborhood went out as I was working online on about 20 things at once. In addition to several other things, I was scheduling several meetings that will hopefully lead to some more paying work, doing in depth research on film production and catching up on the world's news.

Then...there was nothing. No electricity, no internet, no computer, no television, zip. Then all of a sudden I started hearing sirens (firetrucks, police cars, EMT) at a frantic pace. So I did the only logical thing one would do in this situation: I freaked the fuck out. I grabbed my Flip camera (you know, in case some shit went down that I needed to document--I actually considered the possibility of an "I Am Legend" type of situation where I might need to one day show the only remaining dog what it was like in 2010), my house keys and my gumption and stormed out on a mission. A mission to find out what on earth was going on.

Two hours later, and what I found was some chocolate from 7-11, a city worker who said it was just a random power outtage and everything was back on, and some graffiti on a wall down the road from me that changed my day completely: a hand-drawn picture of boobs, with the word "boobies" scrawled below it.

I couldnt help but giggle to myself. It's one of those things that reminds you what you were taught in elementary: it's all about the simple things in life, really. And this beautifully and well-thought out masterpiece on the side of a vegan restaurant in West Hollywood reminded me whats really important in life. Not meetings or money or the rat race. Nope. Boobies.

Of course family, friends, your health, respect, kindness, generousity...these are all wonderful as well.

But boobies. Sometimes--big or small--boobies are enough.


Derrie said...

Your story has changed my life, I now search walls everytime I hear a siren but alas no 'Boobies'...;-)

Anonymous said...

Any time im feeling down, i shall watch that boob video, n all my problems will fade away. :D