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Monday, August 09, 2010

Arlan Was...There?

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If you keep up with me on the ol' Facebook, you may remember the post heard 'round the world where I mentioned seeing one of the cast members of the "The Real L Word" wearing a "TEAM WHITNEY" last week when I was out celebrating Prop 8's demise. I have never seen the show and dont know the any of the ladies' names (well now thanks to you guys, I know exactly 3: Whitney, Mikey & Rose) at first I thought it was Whitney who was wearing her own shirt. My friends quickly corrected me and told me that a nice young innocent lady by the name of Mikey was actually sporting it.

That lead to people saying I should have my own "Team Arlan" shirts (which uh...YES now I do! Look over to the left there;-) Sidebar uhr-rea).

Imagine my surprise when I saw the very location of this life-altering (well, week-altering) event on "The Daily Show" the next day. Yep, the Abbey bar/restaurant where I--and pretty much any lesbian within a 100-mile radius--have spent approx. 47% of my time in Los Angeles over the past 3 years Check the technique in the hilarious/amazing clip above.

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Kristen said...

Hey, just stumbled upon your blog! Gotta tell you, I actually REALLY enjoy it!

I hope it doesn't seem weird, but I'm going to totally keep reading it.

[oh, and you should check out the moment when Ellen's dancing on So you think you can dance. If you haven't already seen it]