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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hunter. Valentine. Yes. Please.

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There are several things that keep me up at night. For instance, how does Tylenol know where to go? Has the line "What yo name is?" ever worked for a guy in the history of mankind? And if not, why do they continue to use it? Whose idea was it to make the new "Melissa & Joey" TV show? Is the person whose decision it was to greenlight the new "Melissa & Joey" TV show sleeping right now while I'm tossing and turning??

I first saw/heard/met the ladies of Hunter Valentine last weekend at the badass KILOLA! show at the Roxy. I was so blown away by their talent and um...ya know...hotness...that if I could have, I would have blogged about both from inside the makeshift circle pit that I created in the audience. But somehow its taken me days (and many, many sleepless nights) to write about them. And you wanna know why? I'll show you:

So um, you guys, Michelle Rodriguez & Pink* apparently had a lovechild on the d.l. and named her "Kiyomi." (*Linda Perry was obviously in the room during conception.)

You can get lots more info, buy their music and check out their tour dates at! Tell them Arlan sent you:-)

My favorite song so far is "Treadmills of Love" (click here to hear a sample)...I also love this one:

Yes. Please.


aimeetoons said...

OMG, I too was wondering who the heck thought "Melissa and Joey" was a good idea!! lol

Arlan said... really cant recreate "Who's the Boss." But I wish them luck!

Brian said...

Goddamn that band is hot!!!! androgyny is beautiful :)

slicey said...

Arlan, I'm really glad that you blogged about HV! I've been obsessed with them for a few months now. I have both CDs in my car and listen to them every day.

So far, I've gotten to see them twice on this tour. Not only are they amazing and talented, but they're genuinely nice people who care about their fans - something I like in a rock group. :-)

I like the songs you posted, but my fave is Revenge. I cannot get enough of that song. I usually have to hit repeat a couple times when it comes on. :-P

stephss said...

check this out about HV..hope you like..

Anonymous said...

if you wanna hear a really good lesbian band you should look up Sick of Sarah, they also opened for Killola awhile back. I think they're out of Portland but I'm not sure..