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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1967, Y'all. Plus Like, a Random Photo of Megan Fox..

This post is NOT about Megan Fox. Like, not even remotely. However, when I was looking for a photograph to represent the movie I'll be talking about in just a sec, this picture popped up. And I said to myself, I said, "Self, now what would Arlan do?" I often ask myself what Arlan would do, as if I'm not Arlan. And the answer is always something similar to having a random photo of Megan Fox kick off a post that isn't even remotely about her.

Love her or hate her, you are welcome.

Now, down to business. In my humble opinion, the only thing (slightly) hotter than sweet lady kisses captured on film are retro sweet lady kisses captured on film. That's why I love finding clips like this one where you really have no idea what's going on, and there's nothing explicit about the scene, but the fact that Andy Griffith or Columbo could pop in on them at any moment and ruin everything, makes it SO risque and tantalizing. Who knew you could have the words "Andy Griffith" and "tantalizing" in the same sentence? Who knew? THIS guy! *points to self*

From the movie "The Fox:"

Whoa, so check out the Wikipedia description of the starts off pretty rad:

Jill Banford and Ellen March struggle to support themselves by raising chickens on an isolated farm in rural Canada. Dependent Jill tends to household chores and finances while the self-sufficient Ellen deals with heavier work, such as chopping wood, repairing fences, and stalking the fox that keeps raiding their coops, although she is hesitant about killing it...

Wow...they're a regular Cagney and Lacey on the farm, aren't they?

Oh! but how the plot thickens! (Warning, um, like, 1967-style spoiler alert, you guys):

In the dead of winter, merchant seaman Paul Grenfel arrives in search of his grandfather, the now-deceased former owner of the farm. With nowhere else to go while on leave, he persuades the women to allow him to stay with them in exchange for helping with the work. Tension among the three slowly escalates when his attentions to Ellen arouse Jill's resentment and jealousy.

Hee, they said "seaman."

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Nerd Girl said...

Thanks. peeped the video. i get the appeal. ;) keep it real.

Anonymous said...

Loveeeeee It! :)