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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Giselle feeling up Jennifer Esposito

Calista Flockhart is really skinny. its true. but Ally Mcbeal was a great show in my opinion. clever, entertaining. it had that Biscuit dude in it. he was good times. and Ally got all up on super hot Lucy Lui (who was the best thing about the show) and Courtney whatshername. and when i say "all up on", i mean "sort of pressed against for ratings." but still, its a lesbian moment, and thats what i do. so here ya go! do you get the feeling that Calista practiced with Courtney for their 10 second kiss a lot more than she did with Lucy for their longer one? i do.



Taxi was a good movie. Jimmy Fallon seems to get the lesbian stamp of approval, and Queen won our hearts when she played a lesbian in my 3rd favorite movie of all time "Set it Off." if you haven't seen "Set it Off" by the way, please go rent it. (side note: who else thinks Jada Pinkett is gay? if you dont already, just go to her myspace page for her HARDCORE band Wicked Wisdom, watch a couple vids of them performing, and then try again with that answer.)

ok ok...ive gone WAY off track here. so yes, this clip is from the movie Taxi. its a short clip with Giselle (the model) and Jennifer Esposito. there is feeling up. and i might as well have played Cop #14 cause the expressions on their faces pretty much sum up how i looked when i first saw this scene. lesbians are nifty.

Rent taxi from


no one said...

i actually replayed that scene the first time i watched taxi because damn! that was hot!!!

Melissa said...

Please believe, Jada is my baby momma! Who knew Jada was a rocker, which makes her that much hotter. Oh yeah that Taxi scene. Got that filed in the back of my mind for those "special" moments. :oP

Anonymous said...

That taxi scene...
My mother and I were watching that on the couch one day, and that scene came on. I was sooooo turned on, and I totally couldn't hide it. I had to start coughing, and she thought I was choking and was patting me on the back. I swear, if I would have been a teenage boy at that point, there pretty much would have been somethin goin on under the blanket. lol... embarrassing moments with the mom.

Anonymous said...

The video is not available anymore , noooo!! I love giselle!
Nice blog :P