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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

girls...who like girls

exercise is hard y'all.

and (my new nightly exercise routine) Krav Maga is even harder.

im exhausted. but soon i'll be able to post pictures of my guns...and my abs o' steal. speaking of! Sarah Paulson (right, shown here with her longtime girlfriend Cherry Jones, left)

...showed her hot abs for the second week in a row on "Studio 60" last night. did you see that? im sooo jealous. one day, my friends. one day.

and last night's episode of "Heroes" ...was SO good. theyre having a marathon of it on the Sci Fi channel (ha) sometime soon. so uh, check your local listings if you havent caught on yet, and become addicted so half of my posts will start to make sense:-)

here's somethin cute i found...
"Girls who like girls", anime set to audio from the Bob and Tom show.

if you'd like to see a list of which anime were used in this clip, click here and look in the description.

p.s. if anyone can get this for me for christmas, id be ever so grateful. just tie a bow around her and leave her at my front door. *shakes fists at the gods* one day katharine day!


ana said...

omg! I knew Sarah Paulson was skinny but I didn't think she has such incredable abs...if anybody can get screen caps I totally want them!

Anonymous said...

Caps of Sarah's abs

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

thank you...anonymous:-) !! great caps.

ana said...

amazing caps! thanks for those anonymous