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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

strollin down mammary lane

(be sure to scroll down a bit and check out the links below!)

"Loving Annabelle" is *coming out* on DVD on December 12th. you can pre-order it on or by clicking on the pic below to go to Wolfe. if you order from Wolfe, you get an extra booklet thingy with it.


you can also RENT it @ or your local uh...rental place:-)

i really enjoyed the movie. i thought it was filmed very well...and Gustine Fudickar's outcast/sidekick role was um...well im gonna use a word i never use: "superb."

here's a long trailer for the movie in case you haven't heard of it...(the song used during the second half of this clip is "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant.)

and here's another vid from the movie ive shown before...but i dont think you can ever have enough consensual lesbian church fondling, do you?

also, i hope that you'll click below on some of the post titles that catch your attention and check em out. some are old, some are new...but theyre all typed with love. and the more people who see em, the better i feel. come here and give me a lesbionic hug. (sorry if any of the vids dont work...i try to keep em updated, but you know...Mcphee's always: "do me now" this...and "do me harder" that. insatiable!)

  • rock out with your (strap-on) cock out!

  • mcdreamy? mcsteamy? no...mcphee-ee.

  • oh my sweet jesus!

  • One Life to Live with All My Children at General Hospital

  • "you either get on, or you get off" -tegan...or sara...

  • i just like it cause she says "titty bahs"

  • Save the gay the world!

  • politically blonde

  • Baby, baby dont know im gaaay

  • i'm moving to argentina.

  • Bring Dana Back...

  • Girlfight *hearts* Terminator 3

  • Dr. Condolezzy Rice

  • bone jour

  • "...cause you'll be gaggin' for more"

  • ass kickin vs tongue kissin

  • "you gonna do sex to me now, Bob?"

  • we need an all lesbian "Real World"

  • don't you know you look very beautiful now?

  • scarlett fetish...

  • you have the become a lesbian!

  • oh my gosh, buffay

  • 1,000,000 cameras...

  • if thats your boyfriend, "he" wasnt last night.

  • pretty swank.

  • "i could break you in two."

  • a 47 yr old bisexual ex-junkie prostitute con artist

  • if kelly kapowski was a dyke...

  • all i want

  • ...these walls would say "good god, thats hot!"

  • say mercy

  • there are no words...(warning, vid starts automatically with moanin'!)

  • sadly she has a fear of public toplessness

  • The Incredibly True Adventures of Laurel Holloman as a baby dyke

  • damn, this bitch gets around!

  • Mischa Barton is like, so gay.

  • she's the gayest straight girl i know of

  • Darlene!

  • just to reach you...

  • Androgyny

  • the goth and the glamorous

  • boobs pressed against a fence...and other stuff

  • i got different area CODES!

  • and the touchin' leads to sex...and then there is no mystery left

  • I make the hole in your heart...a little bigger

  • because i sink eeeverybody, a little bit gay.

  • today's show has been brought to you by the word "pink": bringing you great nipples & music for years!

  • the movie of our dreams?

  • Cheerleaders, strippers and gypsies
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    Anonymous said...

    Seriously, I can't tell you how much you just make my day! I love your humor and you make me laugh all the time.

    Hey, what was that church fondeling clip from???