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Saturday, November 25, 2006

i should have known at 14!

i'm 26. and i came out to myself when i was 16.

and every now and then i have these little flashbacks to things that happened, or things i saw/heard when i was a teenager, where i say to myself, "THATS why i reacted like that..." or "THATS why i liked that so much." etc. and the "THATS" = "cause i was a dyke and didnt know it!" like a scene i used to rewind over and over in one of my fav movies called "Secret of My Success" where you can see nipple in a pool for about 1.5 seconds.

aaanyway, i bought a Prince album called "Come" on amazon a few nights ago and it arrived today. i just played the entire thing, and the last track is called "Orgasm." that Prince is so subtle.

if youve never heard it, its basically prince whisperin' to this chick AND shredding a guitar (mult-eye-talentid) while this chick...has an orgasm. i used to have this album when i was 14/15. and listening to this reminded me that i used to listen to the track on my headphones over and over and over again. didnt know why i loved the sound so much.

ah, memory lane.

just had to share.

that ever happen to you?


Joanne said...

oh i had the same issues not with prince mind you. personally i used to be sitting on my school bus (which happened to be full of girls in catholic school girl uniforms) and id be looking at their legs pretending i was comparing them to my own........then id wake up in the middle of the nite after having a leg dream and wonder why i wanted sex! so i feel ur pain and i like ur blog!

Gabby said...

mmmm yes... i have a good time remembering those "THAT"s! like....oh thats why i liked peter pan so much! because ti ws played by a girl who was in love with a girl! if i had a dollar gor everything i realized if be rich i tell you rich!
love your blog by the way! :-D

Anonymous said...

I have "THAT'S" moments all the time. Sheesh... in 5th grade I hung out... well, bothered, this beautiful young woman who watched all the afterschool kids. I still remember her ... and her hugs.:)


Nilla said...

I have so many like that! "THAT'S why I liked Princess Leia when she was in that scene with the bikini and I was 7."

Because I thought she was way hot and I was attracted to every single Disney female, and their princes.......and I'm a big big big mostly female orientated bisexual.

Oh yes. That's why.

But I love those realisations...

Anonymous said...

this is gonna sound sooo lame, but when i was like 5-6, i remember watching scooby-doo. lol. i remember looking around to see if anyone was looking and then kissing the tv. and i remember that part in "secret to my success",too! "auntie vera" i think. plus,when i was 8-9, me and my "best friend" always played house. she always made me be the husband,though. i sucked at being the wife;_)

Panchita said...

ya i used to date boys cause i was attracted to there sisters and was a real tom boy and would ask the sister to help me get ready for the date and wile they were standing in front of me doing my hair i'd fantasize about leaning foward into there breasts but never told anyone i felt like that i thought something was wrong with me and if i met the right guy i'd feel different but that never happend then i gave up and kissed my foster sister and friend for 15 years and was amazed when she kissed back it was the best feeling in the world to me i felt free for the 1st time my 1st real crush was jo from the facts of life alto i never told anyone