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Saturday, November 25, 2006

One Life to Live with All My Children at General Hospital

this was a huge deal a few years ago. and i was feelin' soap-opery. so check out Bianca coming out on "All My Children" (or as i call it, "all my chirens"). hmmm...there's a "Rain," and a "Greenlee"...where's "Thorne" & "Thrash"?? ;-)

i'm just waiting for the day General Hospital gets their act together and has Elizabeth and Emily in a lesbian relationship. just think of the bad luck they've had with men so far. *crosses fingers* *and does that face squeeze thing that Hiro does on Heroes* damn...still straight. well never say never!

in this clip, Emily is the one in the middle going on and on about Sonny blah blah...notice as (in my world) Elizabeth makes her move (but not at all.)


Anonymous said...

binx! i never saw that one. i started watching when she was all into franky and then wtf maggie.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Natalia Livingston (Emily on GH) is so freaking HOTTTT!

Anonymous said...

your blog rocks! kisses from Naples Italy