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Sunday, November 26, 2006

oh my sweet jesus!

a minute ago, by mistake, i discovered something, so very lovely.

ok so i watch Studio 60 (which is preceded by the AWESOME and sorta gay "Heroes" that you HAVE to watch on mondays!) .

its a good show. its interesting and holds my attention each week. the only problem i have with it is that i just cant imagine SNL gets this serious and drastic every single week! ya know? but if you take that part of the equation, its a well-written, well-casted, well-acted show.

and since ep. 1, ive been pervin' on Amanda Peet (duh--did you see the woman's chest when she was on Ellen pregnant?? i know Ellen did! my god.) and Sarah Paulson. i knew i recognized Sarah from something, but couldnt figure out where. so i IMDB'd her as you do, and found she was a lovely lady...with a nice history on Broadway. good for her.

that was a few weeks ago.

now, about 4 minutes ago while writing on my personal blog, i did a search to make sure i spelled someone's name correctly...and through the power of the internet found out that Ms Sarah Paulson is a lesbian.

a moment of silence please.

ok now...a moment of YAY! :-) it makes me very happy. she has a girlfriend and everything.

and the thing is, her character has recently had some problems because she said something to a magazine or newspaper about gay people...its a long story, but she's a big time christian on the show and she answered a question about homosexuality with the whole "hate the sin, not the sinner" thing and the quote was truncated and misconstrued and all that mess. but how cool is it that she's a lesbian and playing that role.

so on Monday, im gonna pop some popcorn and watch Heroes...and like i always do, i'll stick around for Studio 60. but this time, with a little gay tear in my eye.



Anonymous said...

i love studio 60. you seriously just made my week with that post. i love it a BILLION times more now!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You didn't know Sarah was gay? She is dating Cherry Jones. When Cherry won her Tony Award she kissed her before going on stage.

iwanna said...

How you doing?
Good post.
Anyway, I was wondering something, and you seem to be the Lesbian Guru of the Kelka Army. Don't actually know if you follow Kelka, but you have been referenced, and I must follow up.
I was wondering, because people have been alluding to it, and I'm just plain curious. Is KT Tunstall gay, or at all gayish? :)

Jenna said...

I have yet to watch studio 60 , and to be honest i had no idea it even exsisted untill just recently (I.E. - two days ago ) But she was also playing a Lesbian in "The other sister" with Dian keaton , and julia somthing another...
anyway ... i guess ill have to just see this show now...


D. Andrade said...

I cant remember when I first saw her, just that she caught my eye and everytime i've seen her since, i remember who she is. It was exciting seeing her play a lesbian in "The Other Sister" with Juliette Lewis [who by the way is awesome!]. How great to know that she's really gay! yay! I Say! and She's on Broadway! What more could you want?

Red Dawg said...

Since you mentioned Sarah Paulson, I just had to check her out on IMDB. Checked out here pictures... and did you notice that she has a horribly large amount of pictures with the aforementioned Amanda Peet? If I may say so... they do look pretty smoking together in those pics! Doncha Think?!?

Anonymous said...

Looked for The Other Sister DVD on yesterday and found a horribly homophobic comment in response to the film.

Rally the troops and respond, please.

Tina said...

I love Studio 60, and now I love it even more. But for some reason, I wasn't suprised. I think I've thought she was, for some reason. I dont know.

She's awesome, and so cute!

Tina said...

And it is kind of hillarious, that on the show she gets in a lot of problems for being a homophobe, when she in fact is gay herself. Awesome