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Monday, November 06, 2006

"you gonna do sex to me now, Bob?"

Reese Witherspoon is adorable as a silly/smart blonde and everything, but someone PLEASE put her in a movie like this again! god i love this movie...beware, there's lots of profanity being screamed in hilarious fashion. or something. rent this @


so yeah, this movie is really funny and REALLY fucked up. but if you haven't seen "Freeway 2," you ain't seen nothin yet. its a horrible, horrible movie. there is one hot shower scene with Natasha Lyonne and MarĂ­a Celedonio that i guess is worth the rental, and it is HEAVY on the gayness. but its still a VERY disturbing movie.

i recommend the original Freeway. you've got brittany murphy akin' crazier than she was in Girl Interrupted. you've got Brooke Shields and Kiefer Sutherland out of their comfort zones. then there's Amanda Plumber who ALWAYS gives emmy/oscar caliber performances. and best of all, you've got good-girl Reese Witherspoon just acting her ASS off and sayin some CRAZY shit. awesome!

here's the weird trailer...i dont like the tone of it. could have been done a bit better. but you still get to see awesome scenes. plus the first couple of minutes of the movie...

rent it @


lisa said...

and you're NOT going to post the hot shower scene that involves tasha lyonne? are you crazy, or just sadisitic? *whimpers*

Nikki said...

i love every single one of your blogs...even if i'm havin a bad day i always have a smile on my face when i'm finsihed with your page either b/c its extremely funny or incredibly sexy...either way, i'm lovin the blogs and i'm lovin you =)

keep up the good work!

Jessica said...

"My dick may not function, but I have not lost my smile." Yeah, I love Freeway. :]

Anonymous said...

well let me start off by saying hello. I read your daily lesbian moment EVERYDAY!I love it , thanks for takin your time to do it. But this movie ahaha freeway. ive been watchin that movie since i was a kid on hbo. (Im 20 now) They always played it late at night and of course i had to watch. But i never knew what the movie was called until today! good movie haha. BUT anyway thanks so much for everything you do!
with love

ps you know any good lez books?!