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Friday, December 01, 2006 a phenomena

for anyone who hasnt been able to see the Season 4 promo vid on the showtime site, etc. this is being featured on the front page of right now on CBS' page. CBS owns yeah.

i'm still mad that this new character's name is "Papi." and im wondering why they didnt utilize the wonderful eye candy that is Kristanna Loken in this promo. but whatevs.

(song is "Something Like a Phenomena" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)


Edilma said...

WOW! Alice, Shane and Helena look AMAZING!...can't wait!

Thanks for posting it.

Ida said...

Thanks for putting it up here! I couldn't watch is 'cause I'm not from the US.
I'm so excited!!
Just can't wait.
Luckily December always goes by very fast :D

Anonymous said...

where the hell is carmen?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the beautiful Carmen is going away. She may be in the first couple of episodes but that's it. Papi's all we got and of course, she is not Latin, but East Indian, passing as a Latina.

Anonymous said...

WOW I can't wait any longer just a month!!!Oh and for the one girls comment about Carmen she's only on about 3 episodes and then she's gone. THAT fricken "papi" chick is kinda taken her spot I think, in the preview she's like in the same wardrobe.


CRYSTAL said...

papi is fine!!!!

and hey yea, wheres carmen :(

Katie said...

Amy Sedaris wrote a book!!! It looks really funny. she has a picture in it of her holding a bong. I thought that was funny. :)

its called "i like you: hospitality under the influence"