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Monday, February 19, 2007

we want your semens

yeah im not exactly sure how i stumbled across this next vid. and its the sort of thing that you'll either think is terribly funny or lame as can be. but im on the *terribly funny* bandwagon (and driving/pulling it).

the vid is called "Sperm Troopers" and this is what the description says:

"Would you like to help out hot young childless lesbian couples? We can help you help. WE WANT YOUR SEMENS! Please contact us."

see more of these crazy ladies in action here.

you gotta admit, even though its really silly, thats some funny shit. i couldnt help but think back to season 1 of the L Word when Bette and Tina were looking for a sperm donor. ah, good times.


Emily said...

Hahahaha that is so funny! =P

I love it!

~G-siz~ said...

Arlan, how you stumbled upon this is beyond me...funny nonetheless...i laughed 'til it hurt.<3

Meeks said...

I'm with you Arlan....I found it exremely funny!

I love the " Russia we're doctors, i'm an astronaut & i'm a gyaecologist...."

Just awsome, thanks Arlan

Lesbian at Heart said...

This is so funny!!! Thanks for sharing. I needed a really good laugh today!!

Anonymous said...

Haha that was so great!!!
And that would have been great/strange if Tina and Bette become "Sperm Troopers"

Anonymous said...

ahahahah... "semens.." ahaha i lvoe their accents, too funnyyyyy

Sarah said...

Thank you, for hosting our vid! We appreciate it and thank you, for all of the nice comments. Great site! xoxo,

Sarah (Nutella) Norton

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of Craig Russell in the movie "Outrageous" doing Bette Midler, singing "Semens are a Girl's Best Friend."