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Monday, February 26, 2007

"i don't think the world deserves us."

the oscars were even gayer than normal last night. it was like the whole show went to jamba juice and had two squirts of *lesbian boost* to go. ellen, and etheridge, and jodie...oh my!

not to mention Jada's gay ass sittin' up front. mm hmm.

there were about 1001 categories for short films i believe. it could have been 1002. i might have missed one or two when i was flipping back to the L Word tryin' to spot nipple. (finally! by the way.)

this short (SHORT) film wasnt nominated. or probably even heard of by anyone but us...but its from Mexico so if it had been nominated, it probably would have won. i give you...whats described as "a short film about love:"


ok so i wasnt going to talk about the L Word cause i didnt want to spoil it for anyone who didnt see it. but i cant help myself. so if you dont wanna know, dont read any further! and dont read the comments as they may have spoilers too.

first, can i just say, Helena needs to come DO ME. right now. no more excuses about being straight Rachel Shelley. just come to me. and DO ME. second, i normally cringe when Kit has a fit and/or says some crazy, offensive stereotypical SHIT (remember, "who dat??") but im going to start screaming "nanny-fucking muthafucka!" everywhere i go now. its tight to def, yo.

oh and speaking of embracing ebony. um...alice. when Helena's done with me, could ya come DO ME please? that was like watching candy get made. so so yummy. mmmm...they have good chemistry, dont they??

speaking of (fucking hot and british) Helena, you know the *show me the money scene*? i promise you that ive had dreams like that involving her. first, we throw her money on a hotel bed. then she swims in it. then i forget i have o.c.d. and the germ thing goes away. she spreads her legs and shows me the money. we DO IT. its *good fuckin times* so two snaps for the L Word for stepping into my dreams, and stealin my shit.

why was angus wearing that shirt?

why is papi SO ghetto? and why couldnt they just let her be indian? she's a beautiful indian woman, right?

how many tank tops does Bette own??

oh and speaking of! how the FUCK did she learn all that sign language so fast?? i know she's brilliant and sensitive and everything, so she'd pick up a lot. but she knows every nook and cranny of the language now. i mean DAMN. from 30 minutes on a website??

i was thinking that mia kirschner must get PISSED everytime she opens a shows' script.

ooh! and max finding that web chick. who just happens to be a dyke. i know west hollywood has lots of hot women. and i know it also has lots of lesbian women...some who are indeed hot. but how in the world is EVERY single hot, successful bitch in west hollywood a dyke?? im sitting minutes away from west hollywood right now (if youve been trying to keep up with where in the world i am or where im gonna be next, give up. i have!)...let me go look out the window. hmmm...nope...nan' one.

lets see...


and i love Pam Grier as a person. im sure she's wonderful. but who else cringed and/or did a 180, screamed bloody murder and tried to gauge out their eyes when papi licked Kit's chest? you member? you probably dont cause like me youre trying to block it out. but that shit happened. and it happened hard. and i for one, will not take it anymore.

no more phylis bosoms all up on top of alice. and no more near-kit-nipple-experiences! friends dont let papi lick kit! ok? and that bitch seriously needs to make up her mind. she went from the lovely ivan (coo..coool...but still strange) to Shrek (member that motivational speaker) to Mangus (i grew to like him...but still...i say, strange) to papi? love has no boundaries or labels and shit. but again i say...DAMN.

things we should be grateful for:

no betty boat fucking or bosoms of any kind...

shane and whatsherface gettin it ON...

Helena's money shot...

Helena's accent, body, face, hotness, and everything else about Helena...

the fact that Leisha Hailey MAKES the show. and can do anything. at anytime. and anyone for that matter...

the fact that we didnt see ALL of Kit's bosoms...

Jenny didnt kill anything this episode...except for the chance she'd become a lovable character...

Shane and whatsherface DOING IT HARD.


oh that Helena neck lick thing at the casino...


Helena, and Alice.

hmmm...i want breakfast now.


Anonymous said...

I miss Sharmen you can't even put Shane and Paige's names together.
I mean yes Paige is hot... but NO ONE CAN OUT HOT CARMEN!!!!


oh well =D

Anonymous said...

Yeah I really didnt want to start seeing kits boobs! Angus is fucked.. and not in a good way lol and for tings trying to get back in bette's pants again. I was like woooo longest screen time for tina with season. Back again to Kit and papi.. Not hot!

green said...

how many tank tops does bette own? almost as many as i do.

i think watching papi and kit was a little like watching an aunt and her niece make out. don't you think? mmm hmm.

"like watching candy get made" = so. fucking. mother. fucking. true.

-enjoys taffy shops

p.s. to above poster ~ paige + shane = paine (copyright Elka 2007)

Anonymous said...

whatsherface has a frickin' name!!!
her name is Kristanna/ naive, JESUS!

arlan said...



yeah, naive, but big chested. and bone-ded. and some say cute.

dont terminate me. please.

Anonymous said...

Ok, yes, Helena is hot but I'm in love with her evil gamblin' babe. Omigod!!!! Oh, and Tasha. Jesus. Thank god for the DVR.

Oh, and BTW, all those tank tops—the better to show off JB's gorgeous arms. As Dana would have said "crisp-y."


green said...

wowzers, Miss A. you have a lot of anonymooses.


kiss my hips,

bri said...

oh wow. . .so mo much good stuff this week.

yay for alice gettin' herself some hot, sexual chocolate.

what's up with tina getting all sentimental with bette? is she coming back to our side??

poor shane, getting all set up in her comfortable little domestic life, then in comes daddy. bummer.

and kit?? papi, i know you're a walking orgasm machine, but kit?? yikes. thanks the heavens for alice and tasha/shane and paige.

east of madagascar said...

goddamn you arlan, im laughing so hard my side hurts..

ps. i was totally into the kit/ papi thing! and two cheers to the evil gambling vixen.

Meeks said...

I concur with everything you said Arlan!

My favourites, Shane & Paige and Alice & Tasha! WAY FRICKEN HOT!!

Anonymous said...

>LOL yea I can't believe she jus fricken knos sig-language lol.
>And Mia some how I think she's gonna die this season.
>Eww yea I heard papi was suppose to get wit kit I thought that was weird.
>Lol and I thought it was funny last ep. we got to see Papi w/out a hat for all of 5mins.
> her!!
>Oh and I still miss Sarah's hot persian self!!

Ok that's bout it I think lol. I loved this blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'll have to say, Shane & Paige finally getting on was the highlight of the episode for me. >>

tanya said...

Shane and Paige are so damn hot. And Alice and Tasha too.

I think the money shot was pretty weird. Helena's gonna get a paper cut.

Anonymous said...

shocked on how the l word ended! im in the uk, so i had to download it cos its such a kick ass show i just cant wait for it to be aired here, take too damn long. but all together good ep, and yeh i couldve done without the papi/kit stuff. ivan was kinda kool i agree, lmao at ur shrek comment. i dont think kit shoulda got so wasted though, throwing all that effort in stayin sober down the toilet just cos some freak of nature cheated on her. still though, cant wait till next week!

crushie said...

first, we get paige and shane. that was hot.

but then ... then, alice and tasha grace the screen. i think i nearly fainted when they licked each other's bums. oh man.

K8 said...

i live in the UK and i have to wait fucking ages to see the show!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Actually, I know sign language and it isn't all that hard to pick up.

She probably rehearsed the things she was going to say/sign, also.

DeLorea said...

hold on a minute!

I think Kit and Papi are fuckin hott together. I definately have a thing for bigger girls and I've always wanted Kit to join our team. I think I would have died [a very happy lady mind you] if her ample bosoms would have graced the screen. I really really want her to get with Papi and teach her the joys of monogomy :]

Anonymous said...

Voce está muito agressiva, nervosa, reflita os escritores da serie não tem mais criatividade, BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON.
(From Brazil to you)

Anonymous said...

umm... is it me or does something seem strange between Bette and Tina.... possible hook up?!

Anonymous said...

"oh that Helena neck lick thing at the casino..."

I replayed that like 5 times, it is what made me realize that there is not way that I can call myself straight. It's sad I can't think about it with out smiling

Vik said...

bette and tina are gonna get back together. i just know it. either that. or they're going to hook up. and then bette's gonna realize she's over her. and tina's gonna be fucked =]

shane & paige are fucking Hot.

Helena is fucking Hot.

Alice & Tasha are fucking Hot.

Sunday's episode was just Hott. =]

Bianca said...

The sign language Bette does are rather simple/easy to learn things. Alice and Tasha are very, very hot. Mmmmm, seeing that brought me to my happy place. Shane/paige was nice to watch, but my mind kept inturrupting saying, "Yeah, but it won't last! You won't see this again!" Which I guess made it that much better. I found the Helena/money sceen rather distubing. But I did agree with you in wondering why Mangus was wearing that shirt. At first I thought it was maybe to remind us that he used to sing for the kids, but that's stupid. Then, maybe, it's because he's supposed to be an "alternative" rocker which, when in hollywood, means buying new shirts that look like old worn shirts from a thrift store. But that's reather stupid, too. So maybe he was trying to make himself look innocent, and carefree. But even that is stupid. So my conclusion is that it was just a stupid shirt.

julie-ann said...

for some reason, this season is not living up to the past 3 seasons' standards...sure there is some hot flames arising, but in the first like 5 episodes, it was boring as hell. the only good thing i like is papi and the black chick and alice and shane, but i wish shane would go back to her old ways...and give max more to do..and kill jenny...shes sucha a fuckin bitch. and tina who?? she shoulda died and dana shoulda lived. well regardless i'll still continue to watch the show because im hooked...but it better start heating up a hundred times more.

Brian said...

Guys that last episode of The L Word was HOT!!! Shane seems to be skinnier this season though, she needs her muscle back. The Army girl is portrayed well, I was in the USN and I feel the same way about people who say bush is the ultimate terrorist or whatever. I mean let's keep in perspective who the good guys are (USA) and the bad guys are (Al Qaeda).Bette and tina should get back together, there is more to explore with their relationship. --Brian, mostly straight male

Anonymous said...

yeah i liked how kit freaked at angus, threw water in his face, and smashed it. twas good..

and rewind back an episode or two, when max is helping alice with her web site.... kits like " ive gotta coupla bill gatesesesses" hahahaaa. and when they were talkin to helena about being a "whore", kit "once i gave a blowjob to a horn player.." " iwas high.. a high hoe.." hahahaha. kit makes me laugh.

helena: that show me the "money" scene was definitely HOT YUMMYNESSSssss..

papi- is she really indian in real life? i cringed too at the part where papi n kit knda hooked up, yea it just seemed wrong ya know. i liked the way papi looked when she woke up..she looked pretty.

n i liked how tina was admitting all those things to bette... i dunno if iwant them back together... but it was sweet...

enjoying alice and her new girl...that was yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

jennys annoying again.

Anonymous said...

green , r u elka??......:-0
yea i wouldnt mind seeing tina and bette hook up AT ALL.... jodis not monogamous anyway, so it could totally happen!!

AfterPortia said...

I'd much rather see Helena fuck you than that praying-mantis head Purple Stick Bug. I just don't get the power PSB has over her - Helena used to be a take-no- prisoners-baby-fucking-bitch (remember a pregnant Tina?) and now she's just Purple Stick Bug's puppet.

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