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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

like the apple sauce, not the paper

i thought id hip you guys to a singer/songwriter based in San Diego named Ashley Matte. if youve ever been to San Diego and happened to stumble into a gaybar called Bourbon Street on a Sunday night, you might have heard her singing, but not been able to actually see her. that's because when Ashley plays ladies night at said gaybar on said night, there's pussy as far as the eye can see (my new favorite phrase by the way, dont hate)...and theyre all there to see her perform. she's like a lesbian Elvis.


Ashley Matte "In This Room"

definitely check out Ashley Matte's myspace page at, add her as a friend, listen to some more tracks for free...and maybe even grab a cd.

wouldn't it be great if we could all meet at Bourbon...all 50,000 or so of us? i'll get the first round...

ooh and speaking of, who's going to Dinah Shore? ive been invited to attend and i have a press pass....but i cant afford to actually BE there. ya know, hotels, food, drink, love to go, but yeah thats the way the cookie crumbles. leave a comment if youre going though so i can be jealous:-)

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Prince And A Purple Stripper Pole Is All I Need!! said...

Absolutely fantastic! I just went to her myspace page to check it out and the woman is Sexxxy as hell and has a great voice and music styling to go with it. Wish I lived in San Diego. ^_^