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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

nobody does it better

y'all remember my post from yesterday? my lone post that said it all? i found this clip that i think sums it up for those of you who enjoy the visuals.

oh and in case you were wondering, yes it is me singing...i didnt wanna brag. ;-)


Emily said...


You have a wonderful voice! And yeth this viddy made your point!!!!

unit said...

Ok yeah, she's hot (though so obviously straight), but OMG that sleezy Catherine is so disgusting, you just have to take points off of Helena just for being so taken with her (not to mention letting her touch her..ew).

Rural Lesbian said...

Wow.... This video is smokin' Gives me a whole new respect for Ms Peabody. I am in lust.

Ida said...

HAHA this video is hilarious :D
And to think that I really really hated Helena when she first appeared on TLW :| Now I can't imagine one episode without her. I just LOVE her! <333