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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lola Ray, ooh la la!

last night i had the pleasure of checking out one of my faaavorite bands (and some *sweeeet* friends of mine) "Lola Ray" and seeing their current tourmates "The Oohlas!" for the first time.

as soon as both bands hit the stage (and the whiskey), i knew some of you lovely people would enjoy hearing about them. add this to the lesbian-friendly category cause im pretty damn sure all the guys in the two bands are straight and the one chick who leads the Oohlas...well we didnt make out, so i couldnt tell you for absolute sure. but im going to go ahead and use my super sensitive, highly trained gaydar to ASSume she's a straighty. i hope she corrects me if im wrong. and by "correct," i of course mean, "makes out profusely with."

here's some good times:

"What it Feels Like" by Lola Ray

listen to more hot songs at and add them as a friend!

"Tripped" by The Oohlas

check em out at let both bands know where you found em! :-)

going on a road trip soon? going out for a jog? planning a short trip to your neighborhood sex toy shop? gonna go biking in the dunes? smokin' by the reservoir? well both bands sell their cds on their myspace pages, and listening to their music while doing any/all of these things makes them SO much better. true story.

oh! and both bands are on tour right now, so go see them live!! best bang for your buck you'll experience all Spring:-) (tour dates are posted on their myspace pages!)



Ali said...

boobies back at ya.

Row said...


jessie said...

oh em gee... i am now in love with Lola Ray soooo hard.

thank you arlan!