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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

even AOL thinks im mega gay!

so guess what. no guess...go on...mmmmmmm, nope. not that. this:

today i am officially an AOL blogger:-) ya heard? yeah boyeee...

ok i'm gonna stop that now.

AOL has a new(ish) gay & lesbian blog site called<--- and ive been asked to post a few blogs per week on it. right now there are 7 featured bloggers. 5 of them are dudes...and then there are the new kids on the and a chick named Renee who's also THE GAY.

click below to read the announcement AOL made a few minutes ago:


and click RIGHT HERE!!<--- to read my very first post for AOL. feel free to leave comments there just like you would here. the only difference is, once you leave a comment, you then have to go to your mail inbox and approve/activate it for it to show up on the site.

see you there!



Amanda said...

Go Arlan! World blog domination!

Vik said...

YAY!!! Congrats my dear love! congrats! <3

Shaye Dubya said...

*does happy dance for Arlan*