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Sunday, May 13, 2007

dedicated to my new flight attendant friend:-)

this is fan-fucking-tastic!

ok so SilverJet is now my new favorite airline. not only is that the best commercial since the infamous Independence ad last year, but they have women-only bathrooms AND they specialize in flights from london to new york and vice versa. believe me, if i can, i will be using this airline to get to the land of plenty (o' potential wives).

im gonna work on being their gay spokesperson...and getting a free trip.


Meeks said...

OMG...sooo cool!

I love how that one with the longer hair, like touches her mouth when they're both sitting down! Just a nice little touch!

*does Silverjet fly to Australia?*

*omg...get it?....downunder?*

*ok...yeah, thats lame!*

Amanda said...

lol. Just imagine if that was played during the super bowl! *keeps wishing*

Anonymous said...

that... was fucking fabulous.

Coffee Counter said...

LMAO! That is great!

Anonymous said...

haha that was awsome. i have a stupid story to tell. i was on a flight and there was a really hot flight attendted and she was in the bathroom i didnt know she was in there so i tried to like open the door then she came out and gave me this weird look lol. but i so wanted to do her. sry that was so long

Ida said...

HAHA amazing commercial!

Anonymous said...

i love this commerical i wish that happend to me lol

Anonymous said...

(clearing throat) yep, soun ds like a preferred airline to me!

wyndham said...

that makes my life so much better.
totally flying that airline when i go to to study abroad in college.