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Friday, August 24, 2007

"Let's Do This"


by Jescas! (pictured above)

So I was thinking when I heard my first alarm go off at 7:05am, "It's Friday. It's going to be a good night. I'm going to enjoy some NON non-alcoholic beverages and get at 'em. Boy, I love girls!

This is why I love lovin' ladies:

The tank tops. This one is simple. Most lesbians dig tank tops. Tank tops are hot. Keep wearing 'em. Strap on your D-rings ladies, lace up the chucks and put on your crisp tank. Then grab your phone, push the J key, find the name "Jessica" and push send. I'll meet you in the Jack N the Box parking lot.

Hot women walk in slow motion.
Maybe its just me, But what seems like half an hour is really just a minute. It's like a TV show. Hair being flipped, fingers fiddling with things, hot sexy framed glasses being worn. It's like, 'stop it.' Wait, no don’t…lemme Tivo this 'ish so I can watch it again.

Gay guys make me feel fabulous. If a straight guy tells me I'm hot, I think, "Yeah, so is every other thing walking around with a va jay jay and boobies." But if a gay guy tells I'm fabulous, its like a car enthusiast telling me I have a nice car. Its not like a 42 year old divorcee who drives a Dodge Stratus with a "Save the environment, listen to Jesus cuz he's the bomb and my kids not stupid he got a 3.3 GPA" bumper sticker on his car telling ME I have a nice car. Its like, "No shit, it’s a Toyota. I'd kill myself if I drove a Dodge. Hold on lemme go find a pistol". 'Nuff said.

Shows like L Word and South of Nowhere rock my panties. For real. And I like the fact that I can watch them with pride. That I am reminded every episode that this is uber cool, it's on TV, and I get to watch it. I like the fact that they create these little communities of lesbians and bring them together. You know how many girls I've talked to about SON and LW??? Soooo many. And they were hot. ARE hot. *makes "come hither motion"*. Ahem.

We can have sex for hours. AND every minute is as good as the one you're in, the one you WERE in and the one you will be in. Keep doing it, doing it, and doing it wild. Then tape it and send it to me. I need to do some research for the next blog.

So….see you guys in the Jack N the Box parking lot? Sweet.

Have a good Friday!


Note from Arlan: see Jescas' previous blog entries here and here:-)


Erin said...

So I agree with everything that was written.

Girls are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

C'est tellement vrai!

So real...

Jade said...

Speaking of tank're so in one..and looking as cute as you said girls look in them. =]

Also i dont think my life would be able to go on without the L word or south of nowhere.

In the real's quite rare to find sexy gay girls..but with The L word and south of nowhere its like you can't get away from them. =D

Naomi said...

I don't feel whole if I'm not wearing a tank top.

LW and SON are <3

Julie said...

Holy crap so I'm sloow apparently with catching up with lesbian trends, but tanks=hot and amazing. And yeah I for sure agree, you prove that point. SON and The L word are the greatest things on TV, and everywhere.

P.S. this is my first time actually commenting, but i read most of the posts, so...feel special? No that sounds conceded. But yeah, all very true stuff.

keira said...

Jack 'n the Box just sounds hetero hang out to me for some reason. Lol, I agree about the straight boy thing. I have this annoying guy at my work who I think only has the hots for me because of the "unattainable" aspect. Or at least that's what goes through my mind anyway..... He totally drives a gremlin (metaphorically)

Emily said...

jessica you're hot
i would definatly meet you in the jack 'n the box parking lot
except i live in georgia, and we dont have them here.

yes girls are so wonderful
they make the world go 'round
well, thinking of them makes my college life go 'round hah.

SON and the L Word are fabulous

enough said!

John from Green Bay said...

Actually, most straight guys are intimidated by women. They are ESPECIALLY intimidated by a hot lesbian. So, if a straight guy tells you that you are hot, it's not the same as the car club guy, but it's at least akin to a guy who knows a lot about cars. It's the same thing as the gay guy...someone who's got no chance still thinks enough to make the comment.