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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Girl Parts

Today's post features an Aussie, and it and other recent conversations I've had made me realize that I probably haven't told you a very interesting thing about my life as a lesbian. It's story time, ladies.

When I was 16, I fell in love with a German chick and we were together for almost 3 years. After we broke up, I fell in love with an Australian chick...and we were together for almost 3 years. After we broke up, that German (who lives in Germany) and that Australian (who lived in Australia)...fell in love...and have been together for 4 years living happily ever after:-)

And yes, I can smile about it, because even though its some of the CRAZIEST lesbian drama I've ever heard of, those two chicks are still very dear friends of mine. I love them to death, and they make a beautiful couple. They're probably going to get a kick out of being mentioned here...if you guys read this, leave a comment;-)

So uh, can anyone beat my story? Have any of you had two longterm relationships with two women who lived on other CONTINENTS...who didn't know each other before you introduced them...and who now are practically married?

*Pause.* on to the post!

You know what I like? Wait, I'll give you a moment to respond out loud. Don't worry, your co-workers, classmates and roommates already think you're weird, so saying the words "chicks...doin it?" out loud to your computer screen will not make it any worse.

And sayin' those words would mean you have gotten the answer completely right, my friend. For I do love when it. I also love getting to watch that, either on screen or in person. (*hint hint, couples out there*) Elle Macpherson never looked so gay good. She's 17 years older than me, but I'd still certainly hit that:

("A Girl Thing" on Showtime, 2001)

If you'd like to see the whole mini series, click here

The title of this post made me long to hear "Doll Parts" by Hole all of a sudden. So I will share that with you now. Damn, 1994 was a good year for music.


Kate said...

I <3 aussies!! Something about the accent and the attitude just makes me melt. This one Aussie friend of mine, who is totally and unfortunately straight... though I've tried!... I swear everytime I hear her voice I tremble in all the right places ;) You should've seen me when they began playing Australia's Next Top Model on tv! :O *whimper*

Bree said...

Well that's odd. I just heard that song for the first time about an hour ago. :]

P.S. I'm madly in love with you, Arlan. Just so you know. <3

eryn said...

omg, thats sooo crazy...

i JUST rented that movie last night..
and of course the part with the lesbians in it was my favorite...

loved the movie, even though it was 4 hours long.

Anonymous said...

Being an Australian, I find americans and europeans quite hot because of the accents..I mean yea sure aussies are great and all, and have different accents depending if you are like from the country or city..but damn foreigners do it for me big time!


Design Dyke said...

Thanks for the Hole vid Arlen; '94 was a freakin tops year for music. Dunno about all this Aussie lovin tho but I guess being one, I don't understand the fascination! If any of you chicks want to come explain it to me, I'm listening!

Lescentive said...

craziness.. I have a child with each of my X's.. 3 x's so 3 kids.. and all in all life goes on unexpectedly... wonder how you felt when you first found out.. craziness i tell ya..