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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Los Angeles Birthday Plans!

If you are in or near l.a. and want to come check out some awesome live music, have some righteous nachos and join me for my casual birthday celebration, I'd love to see you:-)

(Killola: milk does a body good.)

The shindig/show is at Safari Sam's in Hollywood this Sunday, Oct. 28th. my buddies in the band Killola, (whose lead singer Lisa is the star of the lezzy web series Girltrash) are playing.

I chose this location because its one of the few places in l.a. that doesn't have attitude...and they'll actually let me in to my own party no matter what I'm wearing:-)

I'll be there starting at 8pm and will stick around for a few hours...there's a full dinner menu...its a casual place like a rocker bar thingy. Its ALL-AGES. Give the bar a call if you need more info.

If you're planning on going, please send me a message so I can look for you:-)

P.S. my actual bday is the 30th. but dont tell *the 28th* that!