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Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Official: Tom hates me

UPDATE: Add my new profile @
As of approx. 7pm PST tonight, my main myspace page has been deleted by myspace.

Yep...more than 40,000 friends over a couple of years...approx 325,000 profile views, 1200+ blog subscribers, all my blogs, all your posts and comments, my groups...gone.

I'm talking to a couple of people right now to see if there's anything I can do to get it back...but I have no idea how that works, so it might be gone forever.

UPDATE: Add my new profile @

Thanks to everyone for their

I'm in shock.


horsetica said...

what the fuck???

Anonymous said...

Why did he do that???!!!!! Arlan , we are with you!!!!!!!!!!!

kate said...

oh no! wth... whyd they do that??

susan said...

that's bullshit. luv u arlan. you're goin right back in my top friends asap.

Carrie C. said...

OH no!!! I still love you arlan even if tom hates you

yvette said...

I can't believe that!!
I saw you were gone from my
top friends, came here, and
now I'm thinking
of leaving Tom, a very
nasty comment.

I'll add you as soon as you
give the address.

jescas said...

grrr :[

wynnndhamm said...

I was totes JUST on there before I went to dinner!

I'm pissed for yoU! =[

RavenNation said...

I know how you feel Arlan. A few months ago my myspace page got deleted, so I had to start from scratch as well. It drove me crazy.

winter said...

arlan...i'm pissed off FOR you. i is this what tom wants?? a gaggle of angry lesbians to attack his car when he leaves his big wig myspace office? i think not. they better figure out a way to fix it! grrr... :/

malevolent-mimi said...
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