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Friday, October 26, 2007

No Lesbians Were Peed On During the Making of This Post.

Before he lost his mind, R-ruh Kelly did make some sexy jams. This youtube user made *sexy* with this vid using hot clips from the L Word:

Don't ask me why Lacey Chabert was at the very beginning. And please don't judge me for promoting R-ruh Kelly in this blog. You KNOW you were in your 9th grade Home Ec class mixin' dough and deciding which one in your group was going to "make" kool-aid, and jammin' to "You Remind Me." And you KNOW you *believed you could fly* after he said he could. And you KNOW you wanted to take up boxing after seeing "the World's Greatest" vid.

But then...all the peeing started, and all the "midgets" in closets...and all hell broke loose. Why, R-ruh Kelly?? Why???

Perhaps Riley can shed some light on things:

(from "Boondocks" tv show)


The Closet Dyke said...

Mmmm. I know what's talkin' about. Them t'ongs hangin' out and that sweet necter... daaaayummm.

RavenNation said...

The scene at the beginning with Lacey Chabert is from the movie The Pleasure Drivers. The movie was kinda myeh, but Jill Bennett is in it, so I watch it when I can.

Anonymous said...

wooo! I think I need some alone time now! hmm...that sounds sad, ok...Woo! I think I need to run to my girlfriend...and then get some alone time...with her!! Arlan you are the best!

Anonymous said...

those are some OLD clips! like first and second season shit. the ones with alice and dana make me almost want to cry :(