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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Terra Does Smashing Pumpkins

Terra just posted this video on youtube. She's been on tour with the Fray in the UK for the past few days and wanted to do really natural recordings each night after the show for people who couldn't make it. This vid and this cover is now a new favorite of

Totally reminds me of being on the road with her going across the country each day/night...and her singing along to the radio, kinda blowin' my mind a bit. The transportation is a bit bigger, the accomodations are fancier and the crowds...HUGE, but that's still Terra. Love that girl. *sigh*

Oh and for those of you just joining us, Terra Naomi is one of my best friends, she's American but lives in London currently, and she's straight. Um, I think that covers the top 3 questions I get concerning her:-)

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mary said...

it's an awesome cover!! it has just became one of my favorites, definitely :)

Anonymous said...

This video is uber amazing. I love that girl!