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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Watch It Twice. That Helps.

I apologize if this is your first time on the site and this is the first post you're seeing:-) The only excuse I have is that its 1am and I'm watching "Golden Girls."

If you've been keeping up with my search for a wifey, I want to add something to it. If the following video makes you happy, and you fit the criteria I've previously set, we are most likely a good match:

No idea what's going on here, but it makes me smile. I can never get to sleep before 3am...I promise to try to stay away from youtube til the morning:-)

*The only unfortunate thing is that they mistook the "down the road" lyrics for "round the world." Colored a globe and everything. A for effort.


Do_It_Mimi said...

I had to watch this on mute since my roomie is asleep. As soon as I saw the 'Party' word I knew all the words and sang right along. I love GG, love that song and love this little video!

Kate said...

hmmm I dunno I'm more of a he-man/facts of life girl m'self :P omg that would be so great!! He-man would totally be Blair and She-ra could be Jo... Skeletor could be Mrs. Garrett :D *giggles* but who would be Tootie????

Carissa said...

That was definitely amazing/heart warming!

Coffee Counter said...

That was cute. Didn't know Splinter was in to the turtles like that. I guess you learn something new every day. I don't know what this vid is about, but as soon as I heard her speak, I thought I had to let her finish:

Brenna said...

Downright amazing!