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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

With a little help from my friends...

oh how much do i love my friends! everyone is just so damned talented. i love it...

i wanted to share with you 4 people who are very special to me...most of which you can now or will soon be able to see in the pics i have posted from my bday...

here's what i wanna tell you about, in no particular order:

Sarah Hyland will be on MADTV this Saturday!

she just announced that she'll be appearing on the show this saturday, nov. 3rd. check your local listings and show your support!

here's why i love sarah so much:

(playing herself and Kentucky Lightnin)

see more of her on my site by clicking here.

and more on myspace @

Take a bite out of the audio taco!

you have to check out one of my favorite blogs right now. my friend Tina is SO passionate about music...and gives show and cd reviews on a regular basis. its frickin rad!

and riddle me this: she says she's "straight," right, but she adores Tegan & Sara, and ME. tegan and sara count as two gay points cause there are two of them, and i count as two points cause im SO frickin' gay. go look at her other musical taste and see if you can get her to change her mind about that pesky orientation;-)

if you like:

Tegan & Sara
Missy Higgins
PJ Harvey
Kate Nash
Aimee Mann
Bat For Lashes...........

...and learning about awesome new music, go take a bite out of Tina's...ahem....taco.

Light on my shoulder...

oooh, susie suh, how do you do, that voodoo, you very well!

i've always thought/said that susie's music should be all OVER Grey's Anatomy. it's perfect for it. i just found this vid that a fan did that proves my point...susie's song "all i want" is used in this fan vid:

do yourself a favor and add susie as a friend @

Everyone loves a pretty girl...

do me a favor and go listen to the songs "beautiful boy," and "this house" on Lola Ray's myspace page @ just might find yourselves falling in love with.... boys! whoa.



Kelly said...

I have been absolutly in love with Susie Suh for quite some time now. her voice reminds me of soft sweet sex. Thank you for giving her some due recognition. She deserves to be heard by all!

Audio Taco said...

thanks for the plug arlan- The Audio Taco Loves you!