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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Like When Girls Kiss Girls.

Ok ladies, instead of raging against the premise of this song and video, I'm going to suggest that we all give in to it. Surrender to the bass. Let the lyrics enrapture you like a fine mist. Just pretend you're the dude in the vid, and admit that you're going to make this your myspace profile song for at least a day;-)

("Girls Kiss Girls" by Pittsburgh Slim)

Amen Pittsburgh Slim (such an unfortunate moniker), Amen.


Anny said...

I like when girls kiss girls too!!!!
Especially when one of the girls is me
.....and the other one is REALLY hot! ;-) lolll

kandy said...

gross guy hot girls bad combo lmao. i wished the hole video they showd the girls lol. i kisd 4 girls on the cheek on sat night it was nice haha

Elise said...

oh wow. that's fabulous. I like when girls kiss girls too. I wish hot girls would kiss for me on MY webcam!

Elli said...