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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Your Daily Lesbian! - Brittany, 18

Name: Brittany
Age: 18
Location: Upstate New York
Status: In a relationship
Looking for: Friends!

"I've got a girlfriend and she makes me happier than I ever imagined I could be. I'm simply looking for friends who understand me and who've got good taste in music, and who are around my age-- 18-22 or so would be best, people who are living the college life, or anyone who lives in Upstate New York.

I'm a music major at a dinky community college, but after next year I plan on transferring to either SUNY Potsdam or the music conservatory at SUNY Purchase. If I can get in this year to one or both, I'll probably go, especially if I get into SUNY Potsdam. I listen to vast amounts of music at all times and am pretty much the living definition of a music geek, but I have fun being that way so it's all good. I'm a very laid-back person, but I've had lots of crap happen in my life, so I don't trust many people or many things about life itself that most people take for granted. It's not that I'm paranoid-- just reasonably suspicious based off of my life so far."

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(This is part of my *Daily Lesbian* feature! If you'd like to be featured, please read this post and follow the instructions. I'll feature any women who are looking for a date/girlfriend or just a friend, from anywhere in the world! Please read instructions carefully. :-) Thanks!)