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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Your Daily Lesbian! - Anna, 28

Name: Anna
Age: 28
Location: Olive Hill, Kentucky
Status: Single
Looking for: Friendship, Dating

I live near Olive Hill, Kentucky on a 50-+-acre farm with my sister, cats and dogs. I love city life and have moved around a lot, but there's something so organic and empowering when I'm connected to nature. The only thing I don't like about living in the country is the lack of lesbian community. All 6 of my lesbian friends are paired up and stay home most of the time. See, I watch the L Word to see other lesbians. lol.

Born, I believe, a hippie feminist anarchist lesbian to a very conservative family, the daughter of a preacher, I continuously encourage rebellion (my own and others'). I'm very passionate, emotional and intuitive, kind of a romantic, an idealist and a total bleeding-heart. Usually, I cry if you cry, or I cry if I hear a sad or inspirational animal story or I watch almost any movie with Meryl Streep in it (woman's got some sad-ass movies); still, I'm kind of fierce at times. Men sometimes fear me and I have a problem with authority figures (and I don't mean fun role-playing authority, more like the government, cops and other really undeservedly-privileged/bossy people).

I'm not over a good party and occasionally throw down. I like to live simply, sleep on a mattress on the floor, am not a high-maintenance kind of girl and I don't relate much to the value system of our mainstream culture. Being rich is not a goal for me. I'm anti-bourgeois, anti-corporation, anti-patriarchal, anti-white-supremacist, anti-fascist. I seek meaningful employment and hope to direct or start a nonprofit for women one day, but in the meantime, I am working for the man, at&t, since the pickings are slim and survival is a priority.

I love to sing. I especially love live music, many kinds. I love to go to the theatre, see operas, plays, musicals, whatever, just take me out...but not to the ballgame unless there's beer because I hate sports (there are exceptions, like volleyball). I like a good balance of alone/down time and being out-and-about, into anything that's going on. I love a good movie or a good book, poetry, talking political theory and sociology. I'm sometimes very irresponsible, in general, a risk-taker. I'm sometimes very conscious and when it comes to trusting, cautious. Once I trust, loyalty is my middle name.

I love people, in spite of my complete lack of naivety. I believe skepticism is important, but I hope to never become cynical. I'm a lesbian and have no interest in dating or sleeping with men at all ever. I have been in relationships with men in the past and you can stick a fork in me 'cause I'm done there. Of my girlfriends, all but one ended up wanting threesomes with men or simply wanted to be with men, which is why I'm very single. While I like to have fun and am non-judgemental about non-monogamy, I want more. Monogamy is a choice thing for me, and I'm into it.

Ok, let's get physical. I'm a curvy girl. Red/auburn hair, shoulder-length, brown eyes, 5'7" tall. Me, I don't have a specific type. I love women (and that does not mean I'm a player). I love the way you smell, the way you taste, soft skin, your voice when we're alone in a room and your attention is on me or in a crowd when I'm proud you're my honey. I love your quiet strength and when you voice ferocity and when you have nothing to say but you share the silence with me anyway. I love complexity and unpredictability, though I value stability. I love to kiss and take time. If you play musical instruments, you may win my heart at once. Nothing hotter than a
woman with a guitar. I'd really love to share art and music, maybe even sing or write together. Around 22-36 age range is best with a good balance of maturity and frivolity. Long-distance isn't bad, but it's difficult and less likely that things would work out; but I also realize I live in the far reaches, so I'm willing to compromise within reason. If this sounds like too many expectations, don't think you'd be wasting my time saying wassup. Friends are good too. Besides, I hate rules. I don't rule out much without further investigation.

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