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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Danelle Phillips

I've talked about my friend Danelle Phillips before. But she keeps adding new music to her myspace page and bein' all awesome and shiz, so I feel compelled to mention her again. I don't believe she is *le gay* but she rocks hard, has an awesome talent and makes me we'll call her an honorary one for the day:-)

Here's a little vid I took of Danelle one laaate night in Oklahoma a few years ago when we first met. The geetar was totally out of tune, and everyone was pretty drunk (cept me, I don't touch the stuff;-) )...but she impressed me sooo much. And it's still my favorite song of hers:

Fronting her band "Congress of a Crow" on a local tv show...

And here's an interesting video I found on youtube where she's just "chillin" with a friend:

To hear my 4 favorite Congress of a Crow songs so far, go to their Purevolume page @

Add Danelle's solo music page @

Add Congress of a Crow as a friend @

I wonder what would happen if she tried out for American Idol...


Anonymous said...

she is amazing!! coac rocks my world everyday! woot!

Anonymous said...

She did try out for American Idol.