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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Top 5 Reasons to See Killola Live on their Westcoast Tour!


5. They totally made a song for me. And it's cleverly referred to as, "The Arlan Song." Just one more way they like to show off their college degrees.

4. Their lead singer is a better actress than your lead singer. Don't believe me? Watch their music video for proof. See if you can spot the exact location in the mental ward where Lisa first asked me to, ya know, *do it*:

3. Lisa's alter-ego is a chick named Dorothea. And this is her themesong:

Be real cool and request this song during their ballad (they ain't got no ballads, son).

2. GIRLTRASH! is gay and so is Lisa...sort of. She's as queer as your two left feet, except she's married to a dude (the walking Pantene commercial of a bass player in Killola). She's what you'd call a dykecon, my friends. Despite her penchant for dudes, she broke bread with the likes of the South of Nowhere girls, Margaret Cho, and Rose Rollins aka "Tasha" from the L Word and still somehow managed to be the gayest thing in this lesbian webseries from Ourchart. If you don't know, now you know:

See more of Lisa in the series GIRLTRASH @

1. Killola joins Girl in a Coma for a tour? And you thought your tourbus was gay!
For reals, Girl in a Coma is one of my favorite bands right now. I've been talkin' bout them for a few months now and even interviewed them for Suicidegirls. (Click here to read it.)

Fresh off the heels of their opening slot on the European leg of a little act known as freakin' MORRISSEY, Girl in a Coma teams up with fresh-off-their-backs (newlywed...straight sex...swimmin' pools) Killola to rock our faces off. That's so hot, its icyhot (shout out to Pepe!) If you missed GIAC the gazillion times I mentioned them on my blog, peep their latest vid, yo:

When you go see Killola at any of these dates, first of all make sure to tell the door person that you're there to see KILLOLA!! And second of all, ask Lisa and Johnny where the freak my child support payment is. And if they give you any guff, tell em mixed ethnicity supermodel babies don't feed themselves, alright. Ya heard?


megan said...

Darlene conner is gay lol for real...

megan said...

her real name is sarah she even has a baby with her gf...

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome... :-D