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Friday, February 08, 2008

What's Better Than Watching 2 Girls Masturbate Together?

The correct answer is: Watching 5 girls masturbate together. Yep.

A year ago I introduced you guys to a little website called Beautiful Agony. If you're not familiar with it, come closer to the screen cause I'm fit'na whisper this to you:

People--mostly women and sometimes even gay women--film themselves masturbating or being stimulated by a partner. We only see from the chest or torso up. I like to think of it art for your computer screen. Sometimes they'll show two people together. But recently the site really outdid themselves by putting 5 chicks in a circle o' love and lettin'er rip. This video is part of a series.

WARNING: Although there is no nudity or sexual contact in this vid, it is NOT safe for work or school unless your boss or your principal is wicked awesome. Go down in your sex basement before you turn up the volume, ok? You've been warned.
**UPDATE!! Oh snap! They took the vid down...I will try to re-upload on a different host so check back later for this first one. The second one where they're talking below still works, so far...ooooh...

(taken from the "overkill" section of >Beautiful Agony. There's more...)

No. Thank YOU. ;-)

Yeah you know what makes that even better? 4 of em are Australian. Yep. Wanna hear em talk about sex and doin it and stuff? K...

(taken from the "overkill" section of Beautiful Agony. Seriously, there's even more...)

How's that for an alright way to start the weekend.

If you're all hot and bothered and wanna see some girl on girl re-action, click on the pic below to visit my favorite authentic lesbian erotica site:


Kim said...

Wow. Too bad the first vid isn't working, because the second is VERY VERY HOT. It's H-O-T. Did I mention it's hot?

Anonymous said...

Oh you complete tease, now I want (by want I mean have) to see the first video!!

Anonymous said...

arlan!!!! omg wheres the 1st one.... boo hoo :o(