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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Top 8 Reasons to Go Gay for Missy Higgins

8. She already went gay for you.

7. I still believe that Michael John's from this year's American Idol is Missy's long lost Australian brother:

6. " sounds kind of like something that’s squishy and small and that makes squeaky noises." She agrees with me that the word "widget" is a necessary evil and has embraced it:

5. She's the anti-diva. Thursday night I had a chance to catch her concert at Chicago's Parkwest Theater (best mid-sized venue EVER, bi the way). As always, she was humble, engaging, and...rockin'. At one point after taking a sip from her water bottle and randomly noticing that it said "now with 30% less plastic," she wondered aloud if that meant it also had 30% less water. I *heart* her.

4. She said the words "massive bra" (brar) on stage.
I dig that.

3. That one chick who proposed to her during one of her songs
...and the goosebumps I got during this song:

2. I'll have a tall vanilla aussie with a shot of awesome, thanks.
When she sings this song live, she makes you feel like it's summertime and you're lying in warm grass under the stars...even if it's 17 degrees outside (true story):

1. Every other woman at the show was a dyke. The other half were with their manfriends/husbands. So I got to play my favorite game ("Dyke!") Dyke. Straightie. Dyke...Straightie. Oh there goes another dyke. Oh there goes another straightie. By the end of the night though (much like my house parties), everyone was a lesbian. Even the dudes. Missy just has that effect.

One blogger said it best:
"The second reason this concert was ridiculous is the sheer number of ladies who like ladies in attendance! Like, (I) seriously played competitive basketball for a cool 1o years and I have never seen so many crew cuts (on women) in the same room...!"



Catticus said...

Something tells me Arlan hearts Missy!

And quite rightly so!!

moondog said...

missy is good. as a straight man, i actually *might* go see her without my special lady friend by my side (not that i have a special lady friend to take at this moment).

as an aside, it seems like any time i go to a show where there are a lot of lesbians in attendance, i always end up talking to the only straight girls in the place, and they're ALWAYS married!

Quin said...

Water bottle has the same amount of water, lol.

melanie said...

i LOVE her! ahhh. shes AMAZING. so cute. im sooooo gay for missy. ha well, im gay anyway...but she definitely contributes to my gayness. LOL.

Elizabeth said...

Oh man I *really* wanted to be at that show... Instead this week I went to the Pogues show... no lezzies there... just old, drunk, straight dudes... :(

Anonymous said...

I also heart missy! She rocks!! Ahhhh she is doing aussies proud! We also heart Arlan
Leah xx

Catherine said...

Heya Arlan!!

It seems that we share an honour. We've both met Missy!! Considering I'm a musician at university, not-so-straight and I'm a currently transitioning trans-girl, its not very hard for me to see people such as Missy as being really great role models.

Say, have you got the song that she played with the Glockenshipeil on video? I attended a concert during her recent Aussie tour and she was just learning how to play it.

Megan said...

This is hilarious. 1. I was in love with her for years (and before I came out). 2. Her show in chicago deepened that love unfort 3. I was surprised by the fans. It was fun playing the guessing game but I totally would hang with any of her fans. We're a good group.

4. I totally saw you there and now makes sense of why you looked familiar!

Kaitlin said...

I'm from Australia. Missy's native country!
Its so awesome that you guys are loving her just as much as we do. She's been fan-freakingtastic for us gay girls over here!
And she really is amazing live.
And i do have to say. I. heart. missy. too.

mia said...

yeah i saw tegan and sara in november and totally turned gay for them lovely ladies. and then i started reading your blog and went gay for you. i love you arlan.

Jade said...

I agree it is impossible not to go gay for Missy especially after seeing her play live.

Anonymous said...

AHHHH i love missy! Ive seen her twice in concert and both times she was utterly amazing.

heh, my and my girlfriend played spot the dyke too.... and there were lots!

more missy love needed, spread the missy word!