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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No Idea What She's Sayin, But I Like How She's Sayin It

It's really exciting to me to find out how diverse my reader base is. You guys are from all over the world...all ages, all sexual orientations, and by the looks of the naked pics some of you send to me (thank you), you're all over the boobular scale too. I love it!

You also have lots of cool jobs. Like my reader Aura in Brazil. She fronts this really awesome band called Beatrix ( ). They just posted this acoustic vid from their hit song "Sonora" that features what I've been told is a "really famous Brazilian singer" dude. Aura is the chick singing...and you younger uh, holler at her;-) Cause when she turns 21 (she's 20 now), she's all mine!

This is the original music video from last year:


Aura said...

You have no idea how you made me happy today!

Just to let you know: His band inveted me to sing a song on their Acoustic DVD witch will be reccorded live next week on april 16th.

Carolina said...

Bela voz sim senhora

Gostei do som

Não conhecia a banda mas agora ja sou fã =)

And Arlan you must learn portuguese!!! eheheh

VICTORIA said...

that's HOTT...

Cynthia said...

Wow. Very lovely. And the original is nice and crunchy. And now I've learned how to say heart in portuguese. And scream as well. Nothing's sexier than a woman in a foreign tongue.

PARKER said...

wow...this is crazy good, i love hearin new sounds. oh and aura u r one true hottie:) good job on the vocales there hun.