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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Trash!

Hello fellow thespians! Feeling Myspacey today? I sure am. Good thing too, cause there are two new wicked cool Myspace pages that need our collective attention. Both of them are super gay. And both of them are real-life friends of mine...which makes them friends of yours! Check out the two shows below and tell em you found them on the *Your Daily Lesbian Moment* blog:-)

Fans of the edgy lesbian webseries GIRLTRASH! (starring the South of Nowhere girls, "Tasha" from the L Word, Lisa from Killola and SO MANY MORE) will be happy to hear that they finally have some new updates from creator Angela Robinson. Once the new myspace page reaches 5,000 friends, Angela will release a special 12 minute longform version of the series, which debuted in 1-3 minute "episodes" last summer. Angela is currently on the set of the final season of the L Word, writing and directing some of the episodes. So when you visit GIRLTRASH's myspace blog, you get a little inside info on both shows. More lesbian bang for your buck, if you will.

Here's episode 1 to jog your memory if you're a longtime fan, or to get you good and addicted if you're new to the series:

You might recall a new show on LOGO that I mentioned a few times called "Gimme Sugar." It's a reality show about 5 friends in West Hollywood--who I am happy to call friends as well--and their quest to create a new lesbian night in town. I saw the season opener at a special screening at Dinah last month, and I can honestly say that it's highly entertaining and kind of addictive. The show just got a brand new official myspace page, and I know they'd love to hear from YOU. Watch them when the show premieres in early June on LOGO!

Here's the trailer...Ya know'mean:

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